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“Face Book - - You Tube - - Twitter
How Do I Build A Campaign?
Will My Audience Accept Me?”

"Network Marketing Made Simple"

Social networking: who do you have to be and what do you have to do to become a star?

"How can I be any good at engaging people if I’m not a people person?"

Could there be a special personality type that thrives on social media forums?

Could you - - become a star if you just… change your personality?

You know - - by adjusting how you communicate; your writing style; stuff like that.

Should you?

“What Determines
Who’s Hot And Who’s Not?
What Are The Rules
Of The Social Networking Game?”

Social media is about community; and social communities are built on interaction, and interaction is built on engagement - - you know; “breaking the ice.”

The marketers that are successful on social media have excelled at improving the quality of their interactions with their visitors. This can only happen when you understand what your audience wants from their social experience.

Your prospects are demanding more; that is more information and better experiences.

Social media is a great tool that gives your target audience these experiences in a warm community of family and friends’. Plus it provides them with way more interaction; “more than just words on a page.”

So you see it is not about the social tools you use; it’s not even about your personality; it’s about community, it’s about attracting people with your message and building healthy relationships through interaction.

Before you can be welcomed into their communities though; you have to play by their rules.

Bottom line - - It’s always easy to make a good first impression when you know what makes your visitors tick.

“The Basics
Of Becoming
A Social Marketing Star
You’ve Got To See Changes
As They Progress”

“Relevant - - Timely - - Informative and Sometimes - - Entertaining.”

Be the source for solutions, to be relevant in social forums you have to be adaptive and respond to the changes as they progress. This is the hidden skill behind being relevant with your audience.

And be on the look-out for “Communities that are developing within communities.” These are great places to see what’s buzzing in your niche and what is on the minds of the people that you are trying to reach.

It helps to be among the first with breaking news; so you see you need to stay informed.

Information is changing hands so quickly that your target audience have way more information and are way more informed than ever before; the changes are taking place more rapidly. You’ve got to contribute; yep you guessed it you have to post.

So you need to be active and more importantly you need to be consistent.

Just remember your goals: “relevant, timely, informative, educational and sometimes entertaining” (but don’t push it) and you’ll be OK.

“The Do-Or-Die Factor
Of Social Media”

Rule No. 1: never enter a community offering less than what your audience are accustomed to.

In short; can you create A warm and friendly atmosphere where you deliver on… sorry - - “exceed their expectation.”

It is not about whether you are introverted or extraverted; it’s about whether you provide a comfortable environment that will “allow your visitors to get into their comfort zone” so that “they’ll become extraverted.”

Improving the human interaction of your online presence; this should be the focus of all your social media efforts. Yes. “It’s all about the experience.”

It doesn’t have to be glamorous as long as you get it right. And you keep them smiling.

So to socialize your online marketing business is not necessarily about the medium that you use it is about the experience you provide.

“Really… There Is Nothing To Be Afraid Of”

You are not communicating face to face; matter of fact social networking might just work to your favor… think about it if you’re an introvert you can still be “in your zone” and be the life of the party. You are on show for the world to see but on your terms; from behind your own computer screen.

And the biggest advantage that you have is that social media is such a vibrant and lively system nothing really last’s past a week. There is so much competing for your audience’s attention; that everyone is really “on to the next one” so you can afford to ease your way into your comfort zone.

Imagine your confidence when you don’t have to worry about making mistakes you will be able to keep it real and easily write about what intrigues you.

You will get more comfortable as you go and you will understand how to make your visitors comfortable as well soon you will develop your own following and eventually generate a stronger number of loyal followers.

“Less And Less People Buy Online
More And More People Are Shopping Online”
What’s the difference?

It’s all about the experience…

Understanding how your audience uses the internet and how social networking fits into their lives will help you add to their experience.

The behaviors of your demographic now; see major activities that motivate your audience online:

  • News and Information
  • Discussion/Chat
  • Shopping
  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Social networking
  • E – commerce
  • Send and receive e-mail
  • Fun and recreation

When you know what motivates your prospects you will understand their behavior.

E – Commerce has grown dramatically over the years and continues to rise as more and more people get comfortable shopping online. For this reason the internet has gotten more user-friendly.

Never before have people been exposed to so much from the comfort of their home; all is possible with just a mouse click - - eliminating the time and expense of travel you now have world wide access to a massive offering of services and merchandise.

Online communities, social networking forums are just some of the ways that your audience now uses to network online.

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