Social Media Marketing

“Get The Good Stuff To Ignite A Traffic Frenzy”

"Network Marketing Made Simple"

Social media marketing... worldwide presence with just a mouse click…

A massive number of eager prospects…

Take your pick. With so many social media forums available where does one even begin?

“Face book alone is reported to have over 7 billion users.”

The social wave gives you a massive audience that you will be able to network with; and gain instant feedback.

This “instant feedback” could start the “chain-reaction” that launches your home-based business virally.

“Social Media Marketing
Triggering A Chain Reaction”

The first rule of thumb in social media marketing is engagement. Be it face book, blogging, video’s…

Sure you've seen the offers to buy followers and likes; but get the facts the social networks see this as spam: it violates every principle of engagement.

Engagement is the number one way to generate positive comments about you and your business.

Great comments about you have more weight in these communities than what you say about yourself.

A good testimonial in these forums adds to the power of your marketing and makes you more believable; good stories about you are worth their weight in gold…

Strikes The Match That Ignites
Stimulating Conversation”

You don’t even have to publish content all that frequently; you just have to keep bringing the “good stuff.”


It’s the spark that ignites; stimulating—conversation…

And then… the chain reaction begins.

Giving your visitors the freedom to share their comments; opens the door to some truly powerful testimonials.

These testimonials are worth their weight in gold; they improve your visibility and open’s the flood gates for the start of a traffic frenzy.

  • You will encourage more posts and comments
  • You will rank higher in the social forums
  • More people will want to be affiliated with you

Content Tips

The key to creating engaging content is simple. “Let your audience determine what you should write about.”

I know what you’re thinking… “Sounds simple, but it’s much harder to do.”

All you have to do is to find out the issues that your prospects have and post content about their issues.

And all this can be done with some diligent keyword research.

Solutions—how-to information, this is bound to get people going, if you post more of what your target market is searching for your bound to emerge as a star.

“The Three Drivers”

The search…

“Information”… “Entertainment”… “Knowledge”…

People have started to use the internet more and more as a source:

  • to find solutions
  • to stay connected
  • to stay informed

Its phenomenal how quickly knowledge and information change hands online and your web content is the most effective way to get in on this wave.

 “10 000 – People Like This
Let’s See What This Is About”

This is a big deal; and other visitors to your site see this. It sends the message that people like them took the time to rate you and comment.

This heightens curiosity.

Start a buzz and people are bound to come running.

A fan base of people that follow your posts and your updates; breeds fresh and vibrant relationships this gives your brand a strong image.

“A Warm Community
Where People Talk Freely;  
It’s A Dream Come True For Any Marketer”

Having someone share or like your page puts you in front of their network of friends.

You receive a personal recommendation and this puts you in good light inside that person’s community, also at the search engines.

What better way to spark friendly conversation about your brand; than through a list of constructive comments.

Social media forums are such great networking tools, if you are not involved; you seriously need to consider it.

For more great viral marketing solutions you need to review video marketing.

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