High Search Engine Rankings

“Is There Some Straight Forward Way
To Accomplish All This?”

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High search engine rankings: how do you get your site in the top ten? What do search engines want?

Well you won’t have to worry about your rankings anymore because you’ll learn the truth behind all the mass of theories and opinions.

Before we begin I need to ask you another question?

“Would You Like To Be Partners With Google?”

Because it’s way easier to work with the engines than to try and compete against them.

"The engines are more interested in tracking human behavior."

All the various search engine algorithms were designed to track human behavior; so that the engines can deliver quality search results.

Bottom line; the engines will have happy searchers, and happy advertisers.

So before you get caught up with a high search engine ranking… let me ask you yet another question?

“What Really Drives The Search Engines Result Pages?”

The process revolves around searchers and getting them the results they want.

Searchers respond to value. “Every—single—time”

Provide more of what searchers want and your value will increase.

“Only ten (10) sites can be in the top ten.”

Guess what?

“Pleased visitors” ultimately determines who are in the top ten search results.

Why waste your time trying to design your site for the engines?

The engines are not your customers, well… not really.

The search engines respond to visitors and visitors will respond to you when you give them what they want.

“Your Online Marketing Needs
A Good Traffic Formula”

Today everyone has at least an “eye” on social media; especially the search engines.

Socialize your site by engaging your visitors; make it easy for your visitors to comment and share your pages, these activities light the spark that will ignite your viral marketing campaign.

Plus the social signals that your website generates are a measure of visitor approval.

The engines love this; it helps them spot human behavior when they come to your site.

“Activity;” visitor activity, site activity, they all pay massive dividends.

So it’s vital to your web business to create healthy channels that bring targeted people in.

Quality inbound links, article marketing strategies, these are excellent ways to generate this “activity,” and boost credibility.

With these techniques you’ll create more than a web site.

You’ll create a system of delivering great content to the people who are searching for it.

“Serve Extremely Hot”

The recipe is simple:

  1. Put your visitors first
  2. Offer extreme value
  3. Create your own personalized content
  4. Write super powerful headlines

Create powerful content to satisfy your audience; and by default you will satisfy the search engines.

Satisfied searchers make for a satisfied search engine.

If you create high value content for high demand keywords, trust me you won’t have to worry about visibility. Your personalized content will set you apart from everybody else.

Develop super powerful headlines. Beautiful headlines will let you get found in the midsts of everyone else.

Oh, and the time it takes you to perfect all these steps will be more than worth it.


You will start ranking higher at the engines and the ever elusive mystery will be solved.

You will have Traffic… lots of it.

“How Much Search Engine Seo
Do You Actually Need?”

SEO has its place but bits and bytes won’t make people like you and it won’t keep them coming back.

You have to decide whether the benefits you’d gain from a detailed seo process are worth it.

With that said, your site needs seo but there is no need to overdo it.

After all you could end up being hit by Google’s rule book.

Do the amount of keyword placement that your site needs. Then move on. Your time can be better spent elsewhere.

Let your passion and personality drive your topic drive and shape your content.

It’s not worth your time trying to outsmart the engines to boost your search engine rankings.

“Quality Tips The Balance”

“The best way to be of value to the engines is to be of value to searchers.”

Once you create a site of value over time people will want to link to you.

Search engines are constantly working to improve the quality of their delivery results so instead of trying to keep pace with the ever changing search engine algorithms just focus on publishing quality consistently…

As you build momentum you will gain visibility.

The aim of the search engine spiders is to deliver quality and relevant content. As a result; quality content will tip the balance on high search engine rankings.

The more visitors to your site get what they want; the more activity your site will generate.


“The more visitors the engines will deliver your way”

These techniques will help you master the activities that will improve your search engine rankings.

It’s the best way to have pleased visitors and raving fans.

After all… they are your customers.

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