Relationship Marketing

Is the only way to ensure
Your online business has
Repeat customers

"Network Marketing Made Simple"

If you need customers relationship marketing will bring them to you.

Here’s the rub; if you don’t have a system to encourage your website visitors to return to your site; your marketing simply won’t be able to keep.

The real currency of network marketing is the people, the survival of your business depends on your ability to connect with people and convert them to customers and raving fans.

Relationship marketing is the best tool that you have in your arsenal; because:

No One Buys From
You the First Time:  
Only Relationship Marketing  
Can Build the Trust
And Credibility
That Will Motivate  
Your Customers
To Come Back

“It's much easier to sell something to one of your existing customers than it is to sell to a brand-new one”: Harrington, K.” (2016, December 24)

Trust; is the only power capable of motivating your customers to willingly hand over their money to you. 

Have you ever had to sleep on a buying decision, wondering if you’re making a mistake, trying to talk yourself into it?

Sure you have.

Your customers need to ensure they are making the right decision. What if they don’t like your product they don’t want to be stuck with an expensive mistake?

Did you do a good job of convincing your prospects that you can truly deliver on your promise? It takes time to earn trust, and trust comes – through relationships – over time.

My advice don’t ask so much of your website. Every visitor eventually leaves your website, and every visitor is at a different stage of need, they won’t all respond to the same marketing in the same way.

Don’t ask so much of your website, to try and cater to every visitor in one sitting is unrealistic at best your website works better as a first date, get your customers to invite you back.

This is very powerful stuff, and yes you heard me right have your customers give you an invitation to market to them.

Let’s get into the how of using
Relationship marketing
To create an opportunity
Where your customers will  
Invite you back
To market to them

All you need to know are a few simple techniques to get your own relationship train rolling and to start a system that simplifies the process of reengaging your interested visitors and prospects to transform them into customers for your business.

So we need to take a step back in time, so answer me this…

Ever wonder why email marketing is still alive?


OK answer me this, ever wonder why ever site has a newsletter - - even the bad websites have newsletters.

It is for the simple yet powerful reason of getting their own relationship marketing system working re-engagement is the sole purpose of a newsletter and if used well it will transform a digital list of prospects into money in the bank.

So let’s dive a little deep into the power of your newsletter and how to use it

If you don’t have a list you won’t have any money the larger your list thee larger your income now that we both agree on this you clearly see that your income is directly related to the size of your list.

Understand this and you have a head start on building the business that you want.

Relationship marketing often times is thought of as focusing on existing customers instead of finding new customers. But that view is only half true it does not take in the big picture.

Relationship marketing is really about experience this is the best way to put it and perception what is the first thought a visitor has when they encounter your business what is the lasting thought that they have when they leave your business is it enough to bring them back no you get the idea if you’re in business for the long haul and I’m guessing that you are you’ve got to start thinking like this

And when you do you will find a unbalanced playing filed stacked in your favor very few people think this far ahead and the ones who do are enjoying sales and customers beyond their wildest dreams.

The single biggest tool
In your marketing arsenal
The awesome persuasive
Power of your own
Uniquely crafted Newsletter

Community is a massive tool

OK so you don’t need to be sold on community, however the power an active network of customers, prospects eager to share, help and engage is the tell-tale sign of a healthy business.

It is easier that you think to create community, all you have to do is make the first move.

Offer value first, ask for feedback and engage in the discussion and respond to your customers’ needs treat your prospects like customers and more of your prospect will become customers.

That’s too powerful to say once

The 4 Essentials of Building Your Own Community:

  1. Offer value
  2. Ask for feedback
  3. Engage in the discussion
  4. Respond to your customers’ needs

This is truly and art to create but is a beauty to stand back and watch as your business becomes the highlight of someone’s life.

Now you truly become indispensable but this can only happen if you provide the proper channels your newsletter is gold it will be your major source of income and your customer major source of delight.

Let me say that again it will be your major source of income and your customer’s main source of delight

You can’t have one without the other if you do then something is wrong.

And the best way to keep delighting your customers is to keep giving them more of what they want and your newsletter is an invaluable source of feedback for your business you can use this for product creation so as to keep your business relevant to your customers.

Re-engage with your customers establish authority and segment your list b interest

Put your best marketing in front of your best people

Getting the sales process started sales hardly ever happen as a shot in the dark

Give your prospects a test drive

Sell them on value

"Network Marketing Made Simple"

Your visitors have the most to lose.

Subscribers will only give you their personal information when they feel comfortable with your site.

These relationship marketing techniques will help you build trust and online credibility for more network marketing tips click on the links: network marketing tips and network marketing disadvantages.

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