Network Marketing Myths

“Get The Facts
Help Your Prospects
Overcome Their Objections
With MLM”

"Network Marketing Made Simple"

Discover how to handle these network marketing myths; lurking behind them are a lot of your prospects unanswered questions, and these questions eventually form their objections.

Let’s examine the facts that will allow you to "bust" these network marketing myths and address the negative information your prospects may have about your business.

Network marketing myth #1
“You’re Not Selling
Just Sharing Products With People”

Even I struggled with whether or not I should post this on my site, and whether or not it would drive people away.

Truth is network marketing does involve selling.

Believe it or not, knowing this fact, and learning the techniques of effective selling, will unlock your mlm success.

Of all the network marketing myths this one has been the cause of the most confusion.

There has been lengthy debate that as marketers; “we are not selling just sharing products that benefit peoples’ lives,” however effective selling accomplishes the very same thing.

It is just way better at it.

And the better you are at it, the better you will be at retailing your products and your opportunity.

Sales like mlm have been given a lot of bad press; which is why many marketers have tried to hide this fact.

For starters, no real business can survive without sales.

Not even yours.

So get started now to see some new techniques on the secrets of direct selling; they could just change your life...

“Our Product
Is The Best On The Market
It Sells Itself”

The idea behind this myth is that the product will take care of the sales for you.

Once you present it it’ll wow everyone that sees it.

This is exactly why your mlm company needs you; because you have the power to provide a personal connection with the end users of their products that they can’t duplicate.

Your product may be exclusive but that won’t make it a winner, only your marketing will.

So you see it pays to become a better “marketer.”

“The Business Doesn't work”

"If there are people who are succeeding in the same business, then it must not be the business but their way of doing business that makes the difference."

It is said that "97% of network marketers fail," it is also said that "50% of all small business fail after the first five years."

In any business it takes time to learn the skills and acquire the tools needed.

So the notion that making mega bucks is light work… is nothing more than a “myth.”

With a network marketing home-based business you have better odds than a regular business, because there is an abundance of everything you need.

And the cost is way less than a regular business.

“I’ll Have Better Results
If I Get In On The Ground Floor”

This is actually a branch of network marketing myth (# 3).

It follows that new people coming in will all be below you so it will be easier to build a downline; because you will be at the top of the structure.

Truth is it’s harder with new products because no one knows them and they haven’t developed a reputation yet. So you have to build your own system - from scratch.

I’m sorry but this is worth saying again.

“If there are people who are succeeding in the same business as you, then it must not be the business but their way of doing business that makes the difference.”

“Network Marketing Is
A Pyramid Scheme"

This network marketing myth is easily busted, because the truth is that network marketing is “driven by sales.”

So there is no questioning the strength of the system.

Network marketing companies have been responsible for the sale of billions worth of goods and services.

One doesn’t have to look very far to find real world examples, many people can relate to companies like “Amway” that have been in business for over (50) years.

It's A Numbers Game
You know the law of averages
"it takes (10) to get (1)"

The theory holds that everyone is your prospect and if you talk to enough people you're bound to find the right one...

You will always be on the lookout for an opportunity to present your offer to someone

Yes; these techniques do work for some people, however very few people win using this formula.

And if the mlm failure rate is anything to go by this technique is not a very effective strategy.

Problem is, you’ll have to get through a lot of objections and it’ll be much harder to build your team.

When you use the information to dispel these network marketing myths, your home-based business will never take the shape of an amateur.

So you’ll have an easier time building your downline and making money online.

Get started right now to make a good first impression review network marketing tips.

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