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"Network Marketing Made Simple"

In order to spot mlm scams you have got to be able to spot deception.

Building a web business is a process and a series of steps; so every good offer should be presented in a clear formula that transforms all the steps into a well functioning business.

In order to build credibility you’ve got to provide quality information; part of this is being able to spot bad information quickly and closing the door on it.

Bottom line it is way harder to be exploited when you get into the habit of making objective decisions. This way you’ll be able to spot the phonies.

With that said, now would be a great time to do some house-keeping.

“MLM Scams - - and - - Pyramid schemes”

So what is a pyramid scheme?”

Well the simplest definition is that the money in a pyramid scheme is generated by recruiting people into the scheme; so in order for persons at the top to get their “investment” there needs to be a continuing number of persons being recruited who are willing to invest in the scheme.

No product is sold, no services received, no real value is exchanged all this renders the system weak and unstable.

Mlm scams

Misrepresenting product information; false income claims you know the lot… using network marketing to cheat, swindle and defraud prospects.  

With that said Network marketing as a system is not a scam; because network marketing is driven by sales of legitimate products and services.

“Those Irresistible Products
That Appeal To Our Senses”

The key to finding products that offer strong value and are of the highest quality is to always ask the right questions; try it for yourself so you will advise your customers based on your own personal experience.

The most common mlm scam is “misleading information about products.” So do the products do what they say they do?

Test it. You do have enough to make a reasonable assessment right? And if an mlm company is not willing to let you give their product a fair trial, then… you must ask why?

Now would be a good time to look at their guarantee… they do have one right?

And if the product is everything that they say it is; what have they got to lose… If a company is not ready to stand behind their product - - why should you? After all who knows their product better than they do?

“Outside Of What You’re Prepared To Do
There - Really - Are - No Guarantees”

Except for: 

“If You Don’t Like It After 60 Days

We’ll Give You Your Money Back…


Beware of over promising that appeals to your most deep desires.

No viable business can survive without sales.

Multi level marketing is driven by sales and you will only be paid when you generate sales, so before you sign up know this: you are working to pay yourself.

So don’t let yourself be misled by hyped up income claims; follow these steps and you will be able to spot a well designed business, with a sound marketing system.

Outside of what you are prepared to do; the support of your team; the support of your company; the support of your up-line there really are no guarantees.

So you need to ask: can they really deliver on their promises?

“How Easy Is It To Get Started—Really?
…How Much Work Does It Really Take?”

Network marketing businesses are much easier to start and operate than a conventional business; however the second most common mlm scam is that “earning big money is light work.”

Truth is to be successful in network marketing it takes a lot of work.

Yes I said it; “it takes a lot of work.”

The Bottom line: no matter how exclusive or how good your product and information is; you’re not the only one who has access to it because you’re not the only one being marketed to.

You get the idea… you’ve got to work to get found, you’ve got to work to generate your own online following. Knowing this will be help you arrange all the right tools so you get a good head start.

The only way around this is to stand out by using quality techniques that over deliver on your prospects expectations …and this takes some doing …no matter what anyone tells you to the contrary.

And if you are a part of a system that is not teaching you how to do this - - Beware.

If you’re in marketing and you are not being taught how to market … well you see how that could be a problem.

“Simple Steps To Spot - MlM - Scams”

People are demanding more so a good image is getting harder and harder to fake. And bad news spreads fast. Do your home work a little time spent investigating is more than worth it.

If you’re considering an offer first look at how they market to you, it’s a good measure of how they do business and what they will teach you to do.

If there is a lot of vital information that is withheld, if you can’t gain access to what you need then that’s a big red flag.

A successful home based business should be geared towards quality long term income. And like it or not it is driven by sales: all successful businesses are.

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