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“Overcoming The Fear
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I know it sounds a little firm, but…

Numerous marketers continue to get this wrong; result: frustration - - confusion - - “what should I do next”…

Should I spend more time blogging?… Should I spend more time on social media?… Should I spend more time tweeting?…

Take a deep breath and pace yourself. It’s a process give yourself a little time and just start where you are and work your strategy. One — step — at — a — time.

“Learn one skill - - then - - master another.”

 “Mind your own business!” trust me, it really is that important.

All this has led to me asking you another important question.

“What Is Your Business?”

  • “Your visitors are your business”
  • “Their needs are your business”
  • “Their satisfaction is your business”

If you’re in marketing - - then:

  • “Information is also your business”

So you could say that you’re in the information business to satisfy your visitor’s needs.

Sounds reasonable. Now you know exactly where your focus should be; on your visitors; build something of value for them.

All this will help you develop a structured work routine for your home-based business.

Now you will get the work done in bite sized pieces so you’ll make steady progress.

This is a good strategy for updating your business regularly, because it generates activity and intrigues your visitors.

Don’t be fooled though, building an internet marketing home based business takes time, and a lot of focus.

Things you simply can’t do without:

  1. A formula for creating content
  2. A formula for generating traffic
  3. A marketing formula to get your site found

Just to give you an idea of what an infopreneur can build with a little focus.

Look at “CNN.”

Information sells!

So just market “your information” …

“Everybody Needs One”

“Good Mentors.”

Good mentors are great for those times when you need to top-up on your strength.

Mentors are great for providing the support to steer you through those emotional changes.

Like making the shift to becoming an entrepreneur; learning how to design a web site that attracts like minded people, communicating in print, using words to persuade…

You know the little voice that whispers - - “you can do it.”

Matter of fact here’s one now.

(Robert kiyosaki goes through the benefits of a network marketing home based business and why it is the business of the future.)

Like I said mentors are so important to remind you of “why you’re here.”

A lot to think about - - a lot to remember…

“Lessons Learned From Track And Field Stars”

  • "It’s not how you start; it’s how you finish”
  • “Play to win”
  • “You’re only as good as your preparation”

Using the wisdom from the athletes you will have the confidence to… “Start where you are - - and with what you have.”

You will have the right emotional strength to keep going in your home based business.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be glamorous so long as you keep improving.

Never look at the competition and fear that… “Those guys are so great; I can never hope to be like that.”

Instead use the competition as the motivation to improve, to stay informed and to stay up-to-date.

Let me let you into a little secret none of us started there. Chances are; you are way more equipped and way more informed than we were when we started.

So; what are — you — prepared to do?

The leaders attract the most traffic; and rightly so.  For more great ways on branding yourself see:

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