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Should You Buy
Followers And Likes For Your
Social Media Strategy?

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Should you buy followers and likes for your social accounts?

You’ve seen the offers buy Twitter followers, buy Facebook followers, buy real Instagram followers etc. they’re all offering to get your social media campaign started quickly, ooh that’s so tempting.

Just a minute: here’s…

Why You Really Shouldn’t
Buy Followers and Likes
For Your
Social Media Campaigns

You can’t monetize your content until there is genuine interest in it.

Paid followers are motivated by money, that’s it.

They have no interest in you other than what they’re paid to do.

For them; providing follows and likes is a business; when the money stops so does their obligation.

  1. You’ll gain no insight on these users; their interests and habits
  2. You’ll have a decrease in user interactions
  3. Result: the information you do get will be in-accurate
  4. You lose the ability to do targeted promotions

The lack of interactions also means a lack of feedback; this costs you valuable marketing data; and affects your ability to monetize and promote effectively.

This isn’t even the worst of it.

The Networks Respond
And This Will Be Catastrophic
For Your Marketing

A higher number of under-performing followers is seen as a decrease in engagement.

The algorithms will punish you; their data will show:

  1. Your followers are losing interest in your account
  2. You’ll end up losing positioning in news feeds
  3. Your posts will fall further down on your followers’ timeline
  4. Your posts are less likely to been seen

And that’s just the beginning; Chances are if you buy followers and likes they are not real people.

What… Yes.

Often these are fake accounts that are recycled and sold to other un-suspecting people.

Social networks see this as spam and your account will be flagged as taking part in spam. You may find yourself severely penalized or banned.

Resist the temptation, the networks are clamping down on this sort of behavior.

This can only jeopardizes your reputation: it’s just not worth it.

How To Get More Followers On
Instagram: You Name It

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People are attracted to communities that are vibrant, informative and consistently offer high value.

Content is king: if your content over delivers you won’t ever need to buy followers for twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any social network you’re on. People will stick around naturally.

“Follow the way of the tortoise. Slow and steady” business success doesn’t depend on luck.

  1. Be active on social media—engage, comment, share
  2. Post consistently (whatever that means to you)
  3. Post awesome content relevant to your niche
  4. Market—promote—get found

People with shared interests will stick around and become more involved. Delight your audience and they’ll be more inclined to follow, share, comment, like and subscribe.

Your fans will help grow your network through word of mouth buzz. Which is the best marketing you’ll can ever have.

“Quit counting fans, followers and blog subscribers like bottle caps. Think instead about what you’re trying to achieve with and through the community that actually cares about what you’re doing” – Amber Naslund (Best-Selling Author).

Social Media Advertising
Brings The Most
Targeted people
To Your Profile

Because this puts your content in front of actual people that are more likely to respond to your message.

Running a paid advertising campaign through your network enables followers to see your post based on their demographics, interests, content, likes shares etc.

You benefit from the data generated by the algorithms on user activities, and the followers you’ll gain are guaranteed to have a genuine interest in your business.

The chances of engaging and retaining these people are much higher since it was their choice to follow you.

  1. You will have much better results with your marketing
  2. You will get better responses from your posts

  No Need To Keep Struggling
With Online Marketing

If Your Social Account
Isn’t Growing
Just Keep Reading

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"Network Marketing Made Simple"

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