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Blog or website? Here you will find a complete set of tools to fully cover you no matter what your choice.

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  Website with Blog
“A Hybrid Site Gives You
The Best of Both Worlds”

Yes! Some web masters even have both; why choose between a blog or website?

A hybrid site gives you the best of both worlds; all of the advantages... none of the draw backs.

They receive better favor from the search engine spiders. Their sites get crawled more often.

So their sites are reviewed quicker and generally get better rankings.

“Websites with blogs:” how does it work?

They use a website to layout an online blue print for their business; then they create a blog to make frequent updates; this keeps visitors posted with changes as they occur.

So the blog acts a news channel; and the website is their virtual store.

Some take it a step further by using a system that automatically blogs as they update their website.

How cool is that?

 So both their visitors and the search engines are satisfied with fresh information all in one move.

So how are blogs and websites different?

“Create a Website
Your Work Never Looks Old”

“Big Businesses Prefer Websites”

Websites make excellent “online stores;” see real life examples of people who have used websites to build their home based businesses.

Websites are better at presenting a concept because they are so user friendly.

Websites are detail, organized and systematically laid-out; usually built around a central idea (a site concept). Websites lead with a unique selling proposition; “a unique angle that sets them apart.”

They provide your visitors with more related options which make it easier for searchers to drill down and find what they want.

This makes websites exceedingly better teaching tools…

Websites’ give visitors a bird’s eye view of your products and offers.

It practically opens the door and gives them a virtual tour of your web business.

Websites offer way more functionality and flexibility (more options - - more uses).

This makes them better for online sales.

“Some See This as a Disadvantage”

Websites are generally used to show-case extremely relevant; but not necessarily timely information.

But You Gain One Massive Benefit.

“Your information ages more gracefully”…

Your work never looks old; which is great if your time is limited.

You can integrate all your monetization offers (your products and services): they flow naturally into your website.

And for this reason websites are better for carving out a niche.

What is a Blog?
"And why do Search Engines
Love Their Fresh Content?"

Blogs are more fluid which makes them magnificent sources of creative content.

Regular updates give the search engines a constant supply of fresh—ever green—content; this makes the engines happy.

“Keep your audience posted”… discover how to use a blog to build your own news channel.

Blogs by their very nature makes for great interaction with your audience. You never have to wonder what’s on their minds.

Blog—short for “web log”—is like a digital magazine or a news paper; with the most recent content on top.

This makes them far less functional than websites.


“Blogs are great for news feeds.”

It is good at getting people on your side at letting them know what you’ve got to say; has the stuff to spark dialogue and stimulate conversation. This generates more activity on your site which in-tern generates more traffic.

Regular updates of fresh content attracts subscribers: click now to download "3 Free-training-videos" from Thy Tribble with the techniques he used to create a blog that consistently generate leads.

Regular updates on your blog lessens the need for subscribers to search for information; so you don't have to work as hard to keep their attention.

The content is a lot more toned down and is not necessarily as structured as a website; this is good for putting a new spin on things.

Bottom line: you gain powerful editorial status and the power to get your voice heard - - really heard.

"Blog or Website
What Really Sets Them Apart?
How - - Do You - - Decide?"

“Websites vs. blogs; they are both effective for online branding."

The main difference is that websites and blogs lay-out your content differently.

So they give your visitors a “different experience.”

The real deciding factor will be the nature of your niche and how you want to show-case your brand.

Remember: blogs and websites are tools. Picking the right tool depends on… the job—and—the user.

So are you building an e-business?


Do you want to build a forum that will allow you to effective communicate and share your expertise?

What do you want your visitors to do when they visit your site?

When you know beforehand how you want the finished thing to look you will be able to make the right choice.

"It's a Proven Fact!"

There are webmasters that have used websites to build their e-businesses; and there are webmasters that have used blogs to build their e-businesses.

What’s my point?

Blog or website, don’t get hung-up on the details: make your choice and move on.

In the end it all comes down to the person using the tools…

Does your site have a catchy concept? How well can you present it? Which would be a better fit… blog or website?

Why do we build?

So that people will come.

So the question is: which one is the best at getting you found by the engines and giving your target audience the experience they want?

Blog or website; which one will best support your strengths; and which one will be the best fit for your niche?

Follow these steps and choosing whether to start with a blog or website become simple.

“Create good content - - play to your strengths”…

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