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What should you do if your offer is not one-of-a-kind
April 26, 2014

Chances are your e-mail in box is bombarded with countless offers and educational content; most of which you don’t even have time to read.

This is also the situation that your customers and prospects face.

What do you do when your customers have seen and heard it all before?

It is hard enough to get found; how do you attract customers in such a crowded environment?

Well the solution is a simple one, major retail brands have been doing this for years.

Create a great USP (unique selling proposition).

They have been taking seemingly ordinary products and making them extra ordinary.

It is hard to mention hamburgers and not think of MacDonald’s.

There are many different brands of hamburgers so why does MacDonald’s stand out? What separates the MacDonald’s of the world from everyone else?

Find out in this video.

"A Great USP: The Strongest Marketing Tool for Your Online Business"

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