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Create Your Own Success Story
February 28, 2015

What Does It Take
To Build A Successful
Network Marketing Business

Is failure a part of being successful?

Is this why we see industry figures of so many people that have quit; is this why success seems so out of reach of the average man.

If you ask me that is the very problem - average.

In the words of Robert Kiyosaki
“If you want to be successful
Don’t be average…”

Building your network marketing business online is no different.

Don’t be scared, this is not saying that you have to be born a genius or literally push your body to the point of breaking; that has become so popular with some motivational speakers.

It does mean that you have to be willing to give up ease and be willing to work, success comes only by applying effort and yes embracing your failures and learning from them.

In this respect failure becomes a part of your success because it becomes one of your many teachers - - the kind that teaches you what not to do.

Failure is not to be sought out; what I’m saying is you should never be afraid of failure – you should never become paralyzed by it.

You are doing something for the first time sure there are going to be things you don’t know things you didn’t account for - - mistakes.

Hearing about these lessons
is somehow not enough;
the real message can only be
gained from experience

However it is at the point of failure that most people quit.

Guess what way too many “Victims” are willing to tell you their stories; if you are willing to listen. If only they had learned from their mistakes and persevered they would have different stories to tell.

Stories like Patty Knutson’s how she too used her courage to follow her passion and created an inspiring story filled with challenges some of the solutions she found on her path to achieving success.

Click to see more on Patty Knutson’s story

Now that’s a winner’s story from start to completion.

Sure hope you benefited from her story as much as I did. Do you even stand a chance with the odds stacked the way they are?

Well here’s what worked for me it’s the reason you’ve read this far up until now.

In a situation like this there is only one thing for it; “Get your customers to come to you”.

Here’s how...

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