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What’s the first step to generating leads online?
January 30, 2014

Building your own content is the very first step toward generating leads.

When you have your own content you don’t have to worry about competing with everyone. And if you offer enough value you won’t have to work as hard to draw people in.

People will be happy to give you their subscriber information when you give them something better in return.

Plus you’ll have more ways to make money and more options on where to market your content.

Honestly one of the simplest and most effective books that I have seen on creating online content is "The Netwriting Masters Course." I have seen my website traffic increase by re-working my site with the lessons learned from this e-book.

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Netwriting Masters Course

It allows you to build a relationship with your online visitors, and good relationships lead to trust.

Your visitors have to trust you before they’ll give you their subscriber information and become a lead.

Your words draw people in and tell them whether or not you have something to offer.

You’ve got to offer something great first, before people will listen; let alone follow you and subscribe to your site.

With mass marketing techniques our prospects are marketed to so often that is harder and harder to get their attention, and if that’s not enough more and more marketers are starting to sound the same.

First there was an issue of not enough duplication now there is too much duplication. We have almost gotten to a point where our prospects have heard it all before.

Yes… there is a remedy for this. For starters this situation may just work to your benefit…


When you are unique you’ll be obvious, it will be hard for your prospects not to notice you.

In order to have a fighting chance at generating leads you need your own keyword optimized landing pages and a good system to collect e-mails and subscriber information.

let’s slow down a bit, before you can get to this point you need to have something that your prospects don’t see everywhere; “Your own unique high value content.”

Writing for other people can be terrifying because you don’t know how they are going to react.

I'll make you a promise: once you download this book you will agree with me that it is “simple straight-forward and do-able,” and if by some remote chance you don’t like it - - you’ve lost nothing; simply delete it and move on.

How to sell more? Write better. Write smarter. How to write to PREsell. Then write to SELL. The only course on the Net that shows you how to do both. And it's free!

You can get your free copy here…

Netwriting Masters Course

To your success

Benjamin Knowles

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