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Your solution to email overload
November 30, 2015

Your crowded email in-box
Back Into a high value
marketing resource
A source of motivation for you
and your downline

OK hands up if you’re guilty of deleting emails without even bothering to read them.

How did we get here; when all we wanted was a great information resource to help with our content creation needs, and to be a source of motivation for our network marketing business.

I know, sometimes you get the feeling that you’re slowly drowning in email content and you don’t know what to do.

Ask yourself...

How have your email subscriptions served you over time?

How do you feel about their content?

If your subscriptions are not adding value to your mlm business then they are taking value away. This way it will be easier to spot high value accounts.

Your next move: create a separate email account for your network marketing business.


Keep The 5 Best Email Accounts
Prune The Rest

Why five?

More than 5 and it starts to get distracting, it may even start leading you too far the other way, away from your customers.

The truth of the matter is your business is your customers.

Any activity that is not attracting customers is simple not worth your time.

As a network marketer everything you do should yield a return, this is a great way to ensure that every email you read is time invested.

So the steps to follow are clear and simple have a separate email account for your network marketing business and keep the 5 best accounts from your subscriptions and prune thee rest.

This is how you regain the value of your email accounts as an information resource.

So just between us and as an added bonus to you for being my subscriber.

Here’s the single most valuable information resource or all my business building needs: personally this is a good as it gets.

The Renegade Network Marketer Lead Generation System

Trust me it is everything they promise - - I use it myself.

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