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Increase your subscribers by 600%
March 30, 2015

They Used Content Marketing Upgrades
To Gain A Whopping 600% increase on their subscribers
Guess What
Further Investigation Proved That
This Strategy Really Does Work

If you are not using these tactics; you’re definitely leaving money on the table.

I’m pretty sure you don’t want to do that, so here are the tactics I discovered.

Use Content upgrades.

What’s a content upgrade?

You start off by transforming your original content into an opt-in freebie; that you then use to tease your visitors so they’ll exchange their email address to gain access.

Sounds like you’ve seen it before, but here’s how it differs; the end result is an extension of the original content on your site page; this provides more value than what is already available.

so visitors to your sites pages are given an exclusive, relevant offer, but only if they subscribe: you then do this with each one of your sites pages.

This will dramatically bump up your subscribers because all your call to actions will become laser targeted to your visitors, no matter what page they are on.

Why are content upgrades so effective?
Why are they such an awesome
Motivator for subscribers…
4 reasons:

  1. Your site visitors will have access to more than just the condensed version of your content
  2. If they love your content they won’t be able to pass up the opportunity for more value
  3. Your visitors get privileged access to your best content that isn’t available anywhere else
  4. You’ve already delighted your visitors with great content; they’ll see a subscription to your email marketing newsletter as an even bigger bonus
Now you see why these marketers can boast that they increase their email subscribers by 600%.

And you will too when you…

Implement Content Upgrades Right Now
With These Techniques:
A Small Part Of A Much Larger List: The Best Part Is Most Of These Will Only Cost You In Time

You could start by offering:

  • Pdf versions of your content - - easy to create there are a lot of free online resources once you do a google search
  • Checklists - - these are easy to create in any word processing software that is standard with every pc, your site visitors will have a way to track and measure their progress
  • Podcasts - - Which give your visitors audio versions of your content so they can listen to your information on the go
  • Training videos - - there are so many free branded video hosting web sites to choose from:
    1. videos make for better teaching tools
    2. better learning tools
    3. you gain more authority
    4. you have a better connection with your site visitors than you would have with just words
  • Questionnaires and interviews - - Which tends to present a different perspective, and gives your site visitors valuable insight on your topic from a reference point
You can start generating these content upgrades by using the content that you have now: start transforming your content into great freebies to offer for you site visitors. Increase your sign ups and grown your subscriber list.

I said it was simple didn’t I.

If You’re Still Not Sold On Content Upgrades
Brace Yourself
I Dare You To Resist These Benefits

You will have more interaction with your content by using content upgrades instead of the typical “one size fits all” call to action.

You will be sure to sell more because all your content upgrades will target the interest of every visitor to your site - - no matter what page they are on.

  • Each page on your site will be transformed into a massive conversion toll
  • Visitors to your site will be glad to give you their email address
  • This is how you will be able to increase subscribers to your email newsletter by 600%

Because content upgrades are directly related to your content page, they serve as great teasers and are not intrusive to your site visitors, as such they tend to be much better tools for generating sales.

Give it a shot. What are you waiting for…?

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