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Now that you’ve watched our leadership training video my question to you now is; do you know how to create your own marketing funnel?

Yes –no—maybe.

I can almost hear the lingering question on your mind…

“Do I Really Need
A Marketing Funnel To
Increase My Conversions Online?”

You need a funnel because it’s the best way to gain a marketing system that effortlessly matches the needs of your visitors with the content they want.

Each piece of content in your marketing funnel has a purpose - - to trigger a response from your target customers.

Each visitor reacts to what they need. This gives your online customers the power of choice which removes the negative emotions associated with hard sell tactics.

The best part is, each persons’ experience is tailored to match whatever their needs and expectations may be in the moment they found you.

So you see having a good marketing funnel increases the power of your online conversions.

How Is A Marketing Funnel
Different From
An Ordinary Blog Or Website?

Blogs and websites are just ways off displaying your content.

By themselves blogs and websites can deliver traffic, however a marketing funnel is so much more, it adds focus direction because it is caters to the pattern of behaviors that your customers’ exhibit based on their circumstances.

It caters to the needs of your visitors according to where they fall in your marketing funnel.

The real difference is in the arrangement of the tools.

A marketing funnel takes the average blog or website and transforms it into a focused machine that delivers and exceeds your customers’ expectations churning out raving fans.

Don’t take my word for it just take a look at these benefits:

Advantages Of A Marketing Funnel

  1. It attracts people that are actively searching for what you’re offering
  2. Your marketing funnel qualifies these interested people
  3. It sorts your site visitors according to their interests
  4. It allows you to deliver more of the content your target customers need
  5. You’re always sure that your best customers get the right message
  6. You get quality and quantity from your site visitors
  7. Your sites delivers an experience that matches your visitors pattern of behavior
  8.  Increases your conversions by satisfying the needs of your target customers

Imagine being available for all the people that have an interest to buy when they are actually ready to buy.

What Do Customers Do
After They’ve Been Enlightened?
They Look For Someone They Know And Trust
To Buy From

Here’s how it works:

Awareness – opinion – consideration – preference – purchase [Wikipedia the free encyclopedia]

The most basic marketing funnels are limited to three basic stages:

  1. Interaction
  2. Engagement
  3. Conversion

So how do you to re-work your existing website to transform it into a marketing funnel?

How are your customers behaving what are their different levels of need?

Powerful questions that can transform your online business.

The key to increasing your conversions online is understanding customer behavior; so your next move should be to gain more insight into the different stages that your customers go through as they interact with you online.

Find out how to position your most powerful content in front of your best customers, help your customers overcome their issues; then watch them help you build your business.

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